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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 at 6:48:00 PM

Making Notes Toward A Brighter Future

"Know all men, by these presents, that I, Henry Thoreau, do not wish to be regarded as a member of any incorporated society that I have not joined."
-Thoreau, On Civil Disobedience

I am an average man, of average height and build, of average intellect and average means, powered by average will and average philosophy; I boast an average-sized member, and am an average lover. My hates, by contrast, are just as average, spread across many and varied targets. For I am an average man in all respects, the sum division of society.

Yet even I, with such average outlook, dwelling in the average middle of the United States, cannot help but observe the Earth around me and despair, for I see with my average eyesight that we - all of us, all peoples of all means - are in trouble.

What is the average man to do?

This is what I see, in brief:

1) We are a glutted, obese nation over-fed with product.
2) We are made torpid and weak by spoon-fed opinion, our individual wills crumpled and made barren by pundits and other supposed "thought-makers" who engorge us with their views.
3) There exists far too much intrusive marketing.
4) Indeed, marketing is so pervasive that one could not disengage from its grip if one wished.
5) Irresponsible marketing tactics adversely affect developing minds.
6) The unholy trinity - government, media, corporations - must be disolved at once. Ties between the three must be severed.
7) "Unbiased" or "non-partisan" views do not exist. They are myth.
8) The people have lost all power in government, if the people ever had power. America is not a democracy, no matter how much lip service is paid to the ideal.
9) It is our responsibility - the responsibility of all people - to be informed. Knowledge is the key to action.
10) unmarketing is a soft, tentative step in the direction of active, individualized reform.

Throughout the course of this weblog, I shall explore many things, crossing over subjects along the spectrum of society. This is not a political weblog. This is not a marketing or business weblog. I do not represent an agenda, nor do I represent any organization. My sympathies are average, as I am - I am beholden to no particular stance, no particular outlook. In some ways I am conservative, in others I am progressive. I am not Republican or Democrat, Libertarian nor Green.

I am an average man, presenting what I see around me. I AM an advocate, but I am an advocate for common sense and responsibility - whether individual, government or corporate.

Why do I feel qualified to make these distinctions?

I do not.

But neither can I remain silent. I cannot allow myself to be complacent, accepting the ills of the world without speaking out. The world is already full of silent voices, neither praising nor dissenting. We, a society, have become a society of docile drones directed by the few. This is not the greatest nation on Earth, this thing we call the "United States of America". There is nothing "united" about us.

And I, an average man in every way, cannot condone such a society. I must, I must dissent. This is the responsibiltiy of every citizen, to make one's voice heard. To stand by and do nothing is a crime, and this has become a nation of criminals.

Stand up. Speak out. Engage with mankind and help make those tentative steps toward a brighter future.

That is my goal.

Anonymous Linn posted stuff

If you only a little bit average the world would be a great place to live for everyone...
I really wish you were...  


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